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Kitchen Tip 101: Fresh Herbs!

Tell me you’re Persian without telling me you’re Persian.

Growing up in a Persian home I watched my parents make “Ghormeh Sabzi” - a traditional Persian stew (check out my IG page for a recent video of me making it). They would chop up 7-10 bundles of fresh herbs; Parsley, Cilantro, Fenugreek, Chives, etc into teeny-tiny pieces only to fry the hell out of it until it became 1/8th the size in volume. When I started cooking for myself and my clients, I was shocked to go to the local grocery store and purchase a bunch of parsley for $2.29 each. Surely this isn't what my parents were doing, right? I then discovered Middle-Eastern and Asian grocery stores that sold the same fresh herbs, 5 bunches for ONE DOLLAR; Suddenly the world made sense again.

While I don't cook Persian food too often, I do use fresh herbs a TON! So here’s a little secret for keeping them fresh in your fridge for weeks. Don't wash them until you’re ready to use them because the moisture from washing makes them mold faster. Wrap them up in paper towel bunch by bunch, and store them all in a large gallon-size zip-lock bag in the fridge.

Truly they will last weeks!

You're welcome & I love you <3

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