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Celebrity Private Chef

Chef Beeta does most of her work for high-profile clients.

Their privacy and exclusivity is her priority. 

Services Offered

Celebrity Chef Caterer in Los Angeles

Full-time in-home Private Chef

As a private chef I cook only for one client (and their family) at a time. With a dedication to preparing delicious food to your taste. I Plan weekly menus, shop for ingredients at  local markets or wherever preferred by the Client. Organize the kitchen (keeping pantry well-stocked, inventory  of food, keeping areas clean). Preparing fresh meals, serving and cleaning. Being on-call for snacks or last minute cravings. And often traveling with  clients (business trips, second homes, holidays etc). . In-home private chefs require a level of hosting and vibe curation for their guests. The highest level of confidentiality is understood.

Celebrity Chef Caterer in Los Angeles

Day of Chef

Hiring a Day-Of-Chef can be for just about any occasion, whether it’s brunch with your girlfriends, a beautiful wedding proposal, a birthday dinner, or catered lunch at the office. Enjoy a unique culinary experience in your home (or off-site) with Chef Beeta, she focuses on building out a menu that's entirely custom to your needs.  I  plan, prep, cook & clean. All you do is Eat.

Celebrity Chef Caterer in Los Angeles

Traveling Chef

Giving my clients the luxury of traveling with them (business trips, second homes, on holidays etc) helps keep some normalcy and routine to their life. We all know how hard it is when you travel, the last thing you want to worry about is stocking your fridge, or “what's for dinner”.

Celebrity Chef Caterer Food Netword

Food Network Chef

Chef Beeta has many a number of appearances in various cooking competitions, such as Food Networks “Raid the Fridge” ft Dan Ahdoot where she won the grand prize, and “Supermarket Stakeout with Alex Guarnaschelli coming in second place.

Celebrity Chef Caterer in Los Angeles

Private Events

Are you hosting a private event and looking for the perfect culinary experience for your guests? Hiring an experienced chef to cater your special occasion can make all the difference. Chef Beeta brings restaurant-quality cuisine right into your own home or venue.

Celebrity Chef Caterer in Los Angeles

Dinner Parties

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your dinner parties and make them truly memorable, hiring an experienced chef will add a perfect touch of class and gourmet food to any event. From menu planning, to table decor & cocktails, Chef Beeta thinks of the entire production, not just the food.

What Our Clients Say

Chris Paul "CP3"

(NBA Phoenix Suns)

"Chef Beeta has been doing events for me and my family for years! She's an amazing Chef and always takes care of our people like they were her own.”
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