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Private Chef Services - Grocery Haul 101

Happy Wednesday guys! We've made it through half the week already, but so who’s ready for an Aperol Spritz?! I don't know about you, but this gloomy weather has made me re-decorate damn near my entire house; Spring cleaning I guess you could call it. Does anyone else feel like “organizing” calms their stress? (Not the worst quality to have), but it's also a big part of my job. Part of being their Chef is to organize the fridge and pantry all the time. Cleaning, refilling, and organizing (Literal HEAVEN if you’ve got a slightly OCD brain).

It's become oddly satisfying to pull everything out of the fridge and kitchen cabinets. Taking them out of their original boxy packaging and into little matching jars, or even transferring spices into little jars with printed labels. Omgasshh! I'm obsessed.

Kitchen organizing has become my forté! I grew up in a house where the fridge was quite literally overflowing with an insane amount of food. Surely it felt like there were more than 4 of us in the house lol… Welcome to a Persian household. But maybe this is why I'm now addicted to fridge organizing.

Did you know you can hire a Private Chef only to grocery shop and stock your house? I have 3 clients in Malibu that I do only this for (wild, right?). They often send me pretty detailed lists of the things they want, sometimes store and brand-specific, and other clients give me free rein where they’ll say “I need these 10 items, otherwise just get what you think we’ll eat for the next 10 days”.

As someone who used to walk up and down every aisle at the grocery store just to look at options, I always said I would crush playing “The Price is Right” and “Guy’s Grocery Games” on Food Network because I know the store like the back of my hand. Shopping for clients who give me free rein is fun because it gives me a chance to show them new products I think they’ll enjoy. It allows me creativity and freedom to put together different combos for what's in season.

After stopping through multiple stores to grab everything needed, it's off to the house to stock it up and put everything on display. Beautiful fruit bowls of pineapple, melons, and citrus; washed grapes, and strawberries in the fridge, or little prepared snacks like cashew-date protein balls and fresh crudité with whipped hummus𑁋it’s quite the service if you ask me *wink*

The goal for these clients is to free up their time so they can spend it on things that matter most to them. If coming home to a cleaned-out and fully stocked fridge gives you the energy to be with your friends and family more often, then it's worth the investment! Some clients I do grocery shopping and food prep for imagine coming home to a fully stocked fridge, prepared meals, and snacks portioned out for the week. It's like HEAVEN.

Love you. Bye!

Chef Beetz

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