"Broken Bread"

Chef's Table w/ Roy Choi

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@Cheftofer making Raspberry Mint Baileys Ice cream with dry ice

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We were excited when Roy Choi @Ridingshotgunla reached out saying he wanted to film with us! he told us about his newest series "Broken Bread" and wanted to see what PopCultivate was all about. Pretty cool, if you ask me! 

We spent the entire day filming. Hours spent interviewing in the morning, learning much about what drives him and the nature of his roots. It was interesting to hear his opinion when it came to the cannabis/food world and more so intriguing to hear him tell us that he didn't really know what to expect coming into this.. He had heard all about us in articles, through friends, and on social-media, but told us straight-up he judged the Sh*t out of us! He thought we were just a bunch of kids getting people high! HA! i mean, we do, do that... but that's not all we do?! 

He was blown away as the sun set in beautiful Marina Del Rey. The table was set, the terpene Mocktail bar ready for service (by our very own @Rocketjony). The guests strolled in, one at a time, as the infused walk-in apps started rolling out. After the Cocktail hour, guests were feeling nice and warm, they took their seats and with eager eyes, enjoyed one course after the other. Roy bounced back and forth between his seat at our intimate 15 person dining table, and the kitchen.

He helped us prepare all 7 courses, and insisted on being hands-on in the plating process as each course went out. His energy was infectious, his encouragement during the night was incredible. He told us towards the end that he came into this thinking he was going to have to defend his craft. He never imagined a group such as ours, with such talent and perseverance, with so much drive and energy. a group of CHEFS, who thought about food first, and the infusions second. He encouraged us to keep-it up. He reassured us that we were sitting on a gold-mind, and that as the underdogs things will continue to be challenging until it breaks through. But once it does... man-oh-man....  

PopCultivate is so much more then Cannabis infused foods, it's about an experience, a culture, a community that we've built.  It's become a platform where Chef's can cook their hearts out and be creative! "We cook what WE want to eat, assuming they'll want it too...". A place where people can experiment with infusions, where they can enjoy their friends & food. We've worked for almost 3 years testing dosage to never again have you be "too high” from an edible.  

To Chris and I, who have put our blood, sweat & tears into building PopCultivate, the our team, who busts their ass on a regular to pull-off these kinds of events, it was validation that sure, we're the underdogs... but we're damn good at what we do and it's paying off! The team we've grown into is incredible. So much talent & passion.. To @Calabama, @Rocketjony @Gr3atg00glym00gly & Alex (Who resist's the instagram world) Without you, we wouldn't be where we are..  

We are forever grateful for that day spent with such a Los Angeles Culinary Influencer. We are looking forward to the release of Breaking Breads episode showing off what we do at Pop! 
Thank you to the film crew, for your hours of hard-work will never go unnoticed.  

Pickled Pomegranate | Herbed Goat Cheese | Rice cracker
Shrimp Toast | Wonderbread | Toasted Sesame
Mushroom Miso Soup | Salmon Mi-Cuit | Wood Ear & Shiitake | Ginger Scallion Paste
Roasted Vegetable board | Herbed Ricotta | 3-cup Eggplant Spread | Farmers Market Veg
Gnocchi | Thai Red Curry | Patagonia Mussels | Thai Basil | Crushed Peanuts
Szechwan Crusted Tri-Tip, Celery Root Puree, Garlic Chinese Long Beans
Cheftopher's Ice cream: Mint, Raspberry & Baileys!!!! 

*Insert drooling emoji here* 

To all our supporters, Thank you. Thank you for allowing us to be creative, for never asking what's on the menu and for cleaning your plates EVERY. TIME. We love you.