A passion for different foods & flavors.

The addiction of traveling the world and realizing what it truly means to feed someone.

CHef Beeta mohajeri


Owner and Chef, Beeta Mohajeri is originally from Calgary, Alberta Canada. She studied Biology at the University of Washington in Seattle, but quickly realized her passions lies within the culinary world. She is classically trained, later earning her second degree from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Seattle . 

She trained under Chef Vincent Nattress on the beautiful Whidbey Island, where she learned the true roots of “Farm to table” at Culitvar Catering. She worked hand-in-hand with the local farmers, using produce harvested each morning. Creating an incredibly intimate experience for high-end clients on the Island.

She later moved from Washington State to experience culinary on various levels and found herself at Commander’s Palace, one of the nations oldest running restaurants, also the winner of six James Beard Awards in New Orleans. 

She spent time working under the southern king, Chef John Besh at Domenica and the one who’s now taking over, Chef Alon Shaya at SHAYA. She always talked about her experience cooking in the south as one that shaped her mind-set and gave her drive. "You learn the true meaning of feeding someone in a place like New Orleans. Sure you can make a fancy dish in New York or Napa Valley in a 5 star kitchen, with perfect organic produce & the ability to waste 70% of something just to use only the best part. But can you do the same out of scraps? in 98% humidity, with no air conditioning and with a half-broken oven? That, is what tests your skills. Cooking in New Orleans teaches you how to feed the soul, how to nourish your community" -Beeta 

Beeta has since relocated from New Orleans to Orange County, California as a Private Chef.  She is cooking for high-profile clients in Beverly Hills, Newport & Laguna and is growing PopCultivate as her passion project. 

“Never thought i’d move to california and cook for Simon Cowell, Tyra banks, Leonardo DiCaprio & QB Will Grier ... but Hey! 
— Beeta Mohajeri